Pictures from SIBELIUS IN KORPO throughout the years

Sibelius opera “The maiden in the tower”, the muncipality house of Korpo, 2015

Brahe Djäknar at the Sibelius statue, 2015

Brahe Djäknar and Florakören, conductor Ulf Långbacka

Monica Groop and Folke Gräsbeck, 2015

The artists and the executive director after the festival 2017

Sue Knighton - Australia

Sue Knighton and The Flinders Quartet 2015 - Australia

Satu Jalas, 2016

Satu Jalas plays with Sibelius' violin, 2016

Folke Gräsbeck, 2016

Folke Gräsbeck and Sebastian Silén, 2016

Folke Gräsbeck and Satu Jalas, 2016

Mari Palo and Folke Gräsbeck, 2017